SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1111: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1111

2. Which of the following was NOT considered an important factor in the rise of suburbia after World War II?

A. The building of new highways
B. The G.I. Bill
C. The construction of new train lines
D. White flight
E. A housing shortage in cities following World War II

Correct Answer: C


Very few new train lines were built in the 20th century. While some suburbs were on train lines, this was not a major factor in the development of suburbia after World War II. All the other answers were major factors in the development of suburbia. The federal government built new interstate highways, and local governments also funded expressways. The GI Bill provided loans to returning soldiers to purchase new homes, allowing many to leave the city. White flight was the term used to describe the abandonment of cities by middle-class, white families when African American families moved into the neighborhood. Because little new housing had been built since before the Depression, a severe housing shortage followed the war, thus creating a demand for suburban housing.

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