SAT Subject US History Practice Question 160: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 160

51. Which statement most aptly supports the theory that the Black Sox scandal of 1919 was a result of the exploitation of labor by management?

A. F. Scott Fitzgerald referred to the scandal as "playing with the faith of fifty million people."
B. The baseball players were in effect indentured servants with no right to strike or to accept offers from other teams.
C. The eight White Sox players accused of conspiring to cheat were acquitted in a jury trial.
D. Baseball commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis permanently banned the eight "Black Sox" from professional baseball.
E. Millions of Americans were cheated in their expectation of seeing a fairly contested World Series.

Correct Answer: B


Only management, not the players, had the right to terminate a perpetual contract. Therefore, management could keep salaries and benefits low and a player had no possibility of finding work elsewhere because no other team would hire him. Players agreed to throw the World Series for money because they naturally felt no loyalty to management.

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