SAT Subject US History Practice Question 162: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 162

53. "And the dispossessed, the migrants, flowed into California, two hundred and fifty thousand, and three hundred thousand. Behind them new tractors were going on to the land and the tenants were being forced off. And new waves were on the way, new waves of the dispossessed and the homeless, hardened, intent, and dangerous." The author of this quotation is describing

A. pioneers riding westward along the Oregon Trail
B. prospectors hurrying to California during the Gold Rush of 1849
C. farmers leaving the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression
D. Mexicans crossing the Rio Grande into the United States
E. African Americans migrating west during Reconstruction

Correct Answer: C


The quotation makes it clear that the migrants have been forced from their homes in areas east of California and that they were tenants there; this accurately describes the farmers of the Dust Bowl.

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