SAT Subject US History Practice Question 19: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 19

3. The Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Native Americans on the night of the Boston Tea Party for all these reasons EXCEPT:

A. They knew that Native Americans would never be accused or suffer any penalties for the destruction of the tea.
B. They did not want to be prosecuted for the crime of destroying property that was not theirs.
C. They wanted their friends and families to be able to say truthfully that they did not recognize them that night.
D. They knew that dressing up in costumes would add to the excitement and enthusiasm of the undertaking.
E. They hoped that Native Americans would be blamed for the storming of the Dartmouth.

Correct Answer: E


The Sons of Liberty knew that there was no chance that Native Americans would be blamed for the crime. As an urban community, Boston had a very small Native American population.

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