SAT Subject US History Practice Question 192: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 192

83. "Reformation must be effected; the foundation of southern institutions, both political, municipal, and social must be broken up and relaid, or all our blood and treasure have been spent in vain. . . . Without this, this government can never be, as it has never been, a true republic."

The author of the above statement most likely opposed the

A. Black Codes
B. Civil Rights Act
C. Platt Amendment
D. Seneca Falls Convention
E. Tenure of Office Act

Correct Answer: A


The references to "southern institutions" and "all our blood and Treasure" indicate that this quotation came from the Civil War era. The speaker worries that the effort will all be in vain. Black Codes were laws passed in the South that attempted to return African Americans to a legal status very close to slavery. The speaker would have supported the Civil Rights Act. The other choices are not as relevant.

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