SAT Subject US History Practice Question 20: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 20

4. Paul Revere chose to distort the facts in his engraving of the Boston Massacre primarily to

A. unite people from all the colonies against the aggressor, Britain
B. satisfy his creative instincts as an artist
C. ensure that the redcoats would not receive a fair trial
D. ensure that history would portray Britain as a villain
E. prove that Crispus Attucks and his friends had died the deaths of heroes

Correct Answer: A


Revere knew perfectly well that his engraving would not have the power to accomplish choices C and D. He knew the engraving was inaccurate, and so he was not trying to achieve choice E. He probably did want to satisfy his artistic instincts, but his primary purpose was to create a piece of propaganda that would stir up sympathy and support for Massachusetts in the other colonies.

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