SAT Subject US History Practice Question 206: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 206

7. Jackie Robinson's first appearance in a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform in 1947 struck an important blow for civil rights because he

A. won the first rookie of the year award after the 1947 season
B. brought the Negro League style of play to the major leagues for the first time
C. proved to thousands of fans every day that there was no legitimate reason to exclude African American players from major league baseball
D. received death threats from people who believed that baseball and society should remain segregated
E. was honored by having his number retired by major league baseball in 1997

Correct Answer: C


All five statements are true, but only choice C describes Robinson's important contribution to civil rights. Baseball was watched and listened to on radio by millions every day, and Robinson's example made it clear to them that an African American was the equal of a white man on the playing field and by implication everywhere else.

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