SAT Subject US History Practice Question 231: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 231

32. All the following suggest that President Theodore Roosevelt did not support the interests of large corporations EXCEPT:

A. He signed laws that broke up monopolies into smaller business.
B. He ordered an investigation into the practices of the food-processing and food-manufacturing industry.
C. He allowed U.S. Steel to absorb the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company during the panic of 1907.
D. He signed laws that gave the government the authority to regulate the railroads.
E. He encouraged arbitration of labor disputes.

Correct Answer: C


In 1907, E. H. Gary and H. C. Frick met pri-vately with Theodore Roosevelt and convinced him to allow U.S. Steel to absorb the Ten-nessee Coal and Iron Company in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Four years later, President William Taft's administration filed antitrust action against U.S. Steel when it became apparent that Roosevelt had been too accommodating to corporate interests.

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