SAT Subject US History Practice Question 284: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 284

85. What does the rise in U.S. manufacturing during the War of 1812 suggest about that war's effect on the U.S. economy?

A. The economy prospered as people in the United States became less dependent on imports.
B. The economy plummeted as trade levels fell to record lows.
C. The economy began shifting from agriculture to manufacturing.
D. The economy became dependent on the health of the national bank and the stock market.
E. The economy suffered from a rise in imports and a lack of markets for exports.

Correct Answer: A


It is logical to assume that if domestic manufacturing rises, imports will fall, and therefore the economy will be less dependent on them. Money spent will be spent on domestic products; therefore, it will remain in the country, and the domestic economy will profit.

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