SAT Subject US History Practice Question 305: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 305

16. When President Andrew Jackson stated that he wanted to expel all Native Americans from the United States because he was concerned for their safety, all the following facts suggest that he was not sincere EXCEPT:

A. The Southeastern tribes owned some of the best cotton-growing land in the region.
B. As a general, Jackson had led an illegal war against the Seminole tribes in Florida and profited financially and politically from the resulting peace treaty.
C. Jackson had a long reputation as an Indian fighter dating back to his defeat of the Creek in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814.
D. In 1814 General Jackson had forced Creek tribes to sell lands to him and his friends for much less than it was worth.
E. The Five Civilized Tribes of the Southeast had developed societies similar to the European ones that had invaded and conquered their lands.

Correct Answer: E


This choice does not imply any anti-Native American prejudice on Jackson's part. All the other statements show that whatever his words, Jackson was no friend to the Native Americans in his actions.

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