SAT Subject US History Practice Question 366: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 366

77. Early explorers such as Columbus, Verrazano, and John Cabot hailed from Italy but sailed under the sponsorship of another European nation. Which of the following best explains this inconsistency?

A. The explorers were wanted for piracy in Italy.
B. The Italian city-states were the poorest in Europe and could not afford to outfit ships.
C. The Italian city-states had no interest in estab lishing colonies in the New World.
D. The explorers refused to ask for or accept Italian sponsorship on religious grounds.
E. All European powers cooperated in exploration of the New World.

Correct Answer: C


The explorers either could not or did not try to interest the rulers of the Italian city-states in sponsoring them because the Italians showed no interest in exploring or colonizing the Americas.

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