SAT Subject US History Practice Question 55: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 55

1. Andrew Johnson was impeached primarily because he

A. dismissed Edwin M. Stanton from a cabinet post
B. disagreed with the congressional majority on domestic policy
C. committed high crimes and misdemeanors
D. prevented Congress from enacting any legislation that would propel Reconstruction forward
E. failed to carry out any projects that President Lincoln had planned to enact

Correct Answer: B


Congress deliberately provoked Johnson to break the law known as the Tenure of Office Act so that it would have grounds on which to impeach him. The Republican majority wanted to remove Johnson from office because they believed he was far too lenient toward the old Confederacy. He committed no high crimes; he had no power to prevent Congress from enacting legislation over his veto; and Lincoln was killed so suddenly that he left no plans in place for Reconstruction.

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