SAT Subject US History Practice Question 553: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 553

84. Samuel Colt's revolver, which was patented in the United States in 1836, revolutionized armed combat because of which of the following innovations?

A. It did not have to be taken apart during reloading.
B. It could be used as either a firing weapon or a bayonet.
C. It had sights along the barrel that improved accuracy.
D. It could be fired six times before being reloaded.
E. It enabled the soldier to shoot from a greater distance.

Correct Answer: D


Before the Colt revolver, a weapon could be fired only once before the soldier had to stop and reload. The Colt was much more efficient. Later models did not have to be taken apart for reloading, but this was not true of the original 1836 Colt.

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