SAT Subject US History Practice Question 57: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 57

3. Many active supporters of the women's suffrage movement opposed the Fifteenth Amendment because

A. the women's movement did not care about the rights of African Americans
B. white suffragists thought that their concerns were more important than those of African Americans
C. women were angry that the Fifteenth Amendment did not give them the right to vote
D. suffragists did not want African Americans to have voting rights
E. women were afraid that the Fifteenth Amendment would jeopardize their fight for women's suffrage

Correct Answer: C


Suffragists wanted all adults to have equal rights to vote. They were in no way opposed to African Americans having that right. They refused to support the Fifteenth Amendment only because they thought it did not go far enough; they wanted an amendment that would give all adults the right to vote.

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