SAT Subject US History Practice Question 653: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 653

4. Which of the following developments is NOT associated with the Gilded Age?

A. Relations between workers and owners became increasingly contentious.
B. African Americans' migration to industrial cities led to "white flight."
C. New inventions made communication between cities easier.
D. Many industries came to be dominated by a small number of large companies.
E. Corruption in politics became more public and widespread.

Correct Answer: B


All the other choices are important features of the "Gilded Age" (1875-1900). There was not a large migration of African Americans to Northern cities until the Great Migration of the World War I era; nor was there a substantial "white flight" of middle-class whites out of urban areas until the 1940s and 1950s. The Gilded Age was characterized by highly contentious and sometimes violent clashes between workers and owners (A), such as the Pullman Strike. A host of new inventions (C), such as the telephone, made communication easier. Consolidation and monopolization in business (D) were hallmarks of the era. The era also was known for corruption (E), from the Credit Mobilier scandal to the notorious activities of "Boss" Tweed.

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