SAT Subject US History Practice Question 658: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 658

9. For which of the following ideas in the 1970s was Gloria Steinem most noted?

A. Sex has political aspects, which can be seen in literary works by writers such as D. H. Lawrence and Norman Mailer.
B. Women should convince men to help with the housework.
C. Blacks and whites should have equality in the workplace.
D. Women should have equal rights with men.
E. The use of pesticides was harming the environment.

Correct Answer: D


Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. magazine, fought for the Equal Rights Amendment. In her book Sexual Politics, Kate Millett analyzed patriarchal views of sexual relations in various literary works. Convincing men to participate in housework (B), though an important idea, was not central to the women's rights movement. Black and white equality in the workplace (C), a Civil Rights idea that Steinem supported, was not her principal cause. Concern about pesticides (E) is associated with environmentalists like Rachel Carson.

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