SAT Subject US History Practice Question 660: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 660

11. The New England colonists seemed to thrive in the early years of colonization as compared to the Southern colonists. The longer life spans and the overall growth of the population in New England have been attributed to the

A. participation of New Englanders in transatlantic trade.
B. lack of slavery and indentured servitude in New England.
C. strong religious beliefs and the family units with which they traveled to the New World.
D. larger number of single men in the New England colonies.
E. temperate climate of New England.

Correct Answer: C


The New England colonists lived longer and thrived in the harsh climate of New England. This has been attributed to their strong religious beliefs and the communities that supported these beliefs. Also, many New Englanders came to the New World with their families, which contributed to population growth through reproduction. Early Southern colonists were predominantly male, so reproduction was limited. New Englanders did participate in trade with Europe (A), but so did Virginians. This would not cause New Englanders to succeed more than Southerners. There were slaves and indentured servants in New England (B). There were fewer slaves in New England, but this has no bearing on overall population growth or longevity. Both (D) and (E) are false. There was a far higher proportion of single men among the Southern colonists, as they came without their families (D), and the climate of New England (E) was harsh and cold, while the climate in the South was more moderate.

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