SAT Subject US History Practice Question 663: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 663

14. Which of the following is an important reason the South lost the Civil War?

A. The South did not have enough guns to prevent the Union from overpowering it.
B. Slaves ran away, so there were fewer and fewer hands to do the work on the home front.
C. The Union generals were better military men, so they continually out-maneuvered the Southern forces.
D. The South was unable to ship any cotton because the Union blockade was so effective.
E. The issues of slavery and states rights were not important to the majority of Southerners.

Correct Answer: B


Slaves were no longer doing the work, and the Southern economy suffered for it. Running away was an act of war. The one supply the South did have was guns (A). The consensus among historians is that the Confederate generals were better (C). Some cotton was getting through (D) because the blockade was not effective. The dedication of white Southerners to their cause (E) was legendary.

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