SAT Subject US History Practice Question 664: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 664

15. image

Which of the following best expresses the point of view of the above cartoon?

A. The working class and the poor had good reason to oppose immigration to the United States because new immigrants would compete with them for jobs.
B. The government should enact restrictions on the number of immigrants allowed in the United States because immigrants were lazy and immoral.
C. Nativists who opposed allowing immigrants into the country were hypocrites because they themselves had humble, foreign origins.
D. Immigration contributed to the cultural diversity of the United States.
E. The United States should avoid getting involved in foreign conflicts because it would then feel obliged to accept refugees from these conflicts.

Correct Answer: C


The people holding up their hands to stop immigration are comfortable or even affluent. In the shadows are their former, poorer, selves. The well-to-do individuals are demonstrating their hypocrisy by forgetting that they too had been poor immigrants. All the other choices were ideas held by some individuals during the Gilded Age. Choices (A), (B), and (E) are anti-immigrant sentiments. Choice (D) represents a pro-immigration point of view, but it does not represent the specific viewpoint of the cartoonist.

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