SAT Subject US History Practice Question 675: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 675

26. Wilson's idea of a "peace without victory" failed to become a reality in the Treaty of Versailles because

A. the Triple Alliance was totally responsible for the events leading to World War I.
B. England and France wanted Germany to pay for starting the war.
C. Wilson failed to pursue his ideas actively during the negotiations for the treaty.
D. the League of Nations was not established.
E. Germany refused to take part in the negotiations.

Correct Answer: B


The Triple Entente, led by France and Great Britain, demanded that Germany pay reparations for the tremendous loss of life and property that had been experienced by the European nations during World War I. Wilson's conciliatory approach under the Fourteen Points (with the exception of the League of Nations) was largely rejected at Versailles. The Triple Entente held Germany totally responsible for World War I (A), although these nations shared much of the blame for that war. Wilson pursued his policies with great vigor and optimism (C) at the negotiations, but he was unable to convince Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau to construct a framework for a democratic peace. The League of Nations was established (D) by the Treaty of Versailles, but the U.S. Senate rejected the Treaty and the League of Nations. Germany was not part of the negotiations at Versailles (E).

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