SAT Subject US History Practice Question 693: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 693

44. "The owner fed us regular on good food just like you would a good horse if you had one."-An escaped slave (explaining why he ran away)

This quotation reflects the ex-slave's belief that

A. the slave owner was a good master.
B. he should be treated as more than a piece of property.
C. if slaves are treated well, they will be happy.
D. his owner took proper care of his slaves.
E. he was always satisfied as a slave.

Correct Answer: B


The escaped slave ran away because he considered himself a person, not a piece of property. His former owner treated him like a good horse, not like a human. He was obviously not happy (C) or satisfied (E) as a slave, or he wouldn't have risked his life to run away. The fact that he ran away makes it quite clear that he did not consider his master "good" (A) and that he did not believe the owner took proper care of his slaves (D).

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