SAT Subject US History Practice Question 702: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 702

53. President Washington's actions in the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 demonstrated the power of the central government to

A. suspend habeas corpus in times of extreme danger.
B. enforce the laws of the land.
C. prohibit the sale and consumption of liquor.
D. control the production of whiskey.
E. subsidize the production of grain used to make whiskey.

Correct Answer: B


When President Washington used military force to quash the Whiskey Rebellion, he demonstrated the ability of the central government to enforce law and collect taxes. Suspension of habeas corpus, which would allow the government to imprison a person without informing him or her of the charges, was not an issue in the Whiskey Rebellion (A). Washington's actions did not interfere with the sale or consumption of whiskey (C). There was no attempt by the government to control the production of whiskey (D). The government had placed a tax on whiskey and did offer to subsidize grain producers, but the key question in Washington's actions concerned the ability of the government to collect taxes and enforce the law (E).

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