SAT Subject US History Practice Question 704: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 704

55. President Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction plan called for the former Confederate states to

A. pass the Civil Rights Act.
B. support the Freedman's Bureau.
C. endorse the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery.
D. arrest all the men who served in the Confederate government.
E. guarantee that the freedmen would attain the right to vote.

Correct Answer: C


The 13th Amendment abolished slavery, which was as far as Johnson wanted to go. By the end of the Civil War, everyone realized that slavery was a thing of the past; consequently, the amendment abolishing it (C) was not seen as a radical step. All the other actions-the Civil Rights Act (A), the Freedman's Bureau (B), the arrest of Confederates (D), and voting rights for African Americans (E) are more radical steps, which Johnson opposed.

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