SAT Subject US History Practice Question 710: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 710

61. The French and Indian War, which ended in 1763, greatly affected the American colonists because it

A. removed the French threat against the colonists.
B. resulted in the expansion of the colonies east of the Appalachian Mountains.
C. marked the beginning of the British policy of salutary neglect in the colonies.
D. removed the Indian threat from the frontier settlements.
E. marked the end of mercantilism.

Correct Answer: A


The Treaty of Paris ending the French and Indian War removed the French presence from North America. This allowed the colonists to depend less heavily on the British for their defense. The colonists desired to settle in areas west, not east, of the Appalachian Mountains (B). However, the British government restricted such settlement by the Proclamation of 1763, which forbade colonists to settle west of the Appalachians. The colonists resented the Proclamation and ignored the king's directive. The end of the French and Indian War marked an end to salutary neglect (C) and a beginning of greater involvement by the British in the American colonies, which contributed to the colonists' increased resentment against the British. The threat from the Native Americans still existed on the frontier (D). Britain continued its mercantilist policies toward the colonists (E). However, the American colonists' increasing resentment of the British attempts to enforce this policy contributed to the War for Independence.

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