SAT Subject US History Practice Question 712: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 712

63. The most important result of the development of interchangeable parts in the early 19th century was that it allowed

A. printers to make newspapers more easily.
B. farmers to harvest crops more easily.
C. manufacturers to make their assembly lines more efficient.
D. children to have safer toys.
E. coopers to cut staves in their barrels more precisely.

Correct Answer: C


Interchangeable parts were machine-made parts for guns or other manufactured devices that could be put together without further work. This enabled workers to assemble mass-produced goods more easily. Printers (A) had had moveable type since the 16th century. Farmers (B) did not directly use interchangeable parts, because they were not manufacturing products. Safe toys (D) are not necessarily the result of mass production. The demand for coopers' skills in making barrels (E) declined, as mass production of metal barrels replaced wooden ones.

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