SAT Subject US History Practice Question 714: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 714

65. An important result of the impeachment crisis of 1868 was that

A. President Andrew Johnson was removed from office.
B. power shifted in the government from President Andrew Johnson to Congress.
C. President Andrew Johnson was able to defeat the Radicals' plan for Reconstruction.
D. impeachment proceedings motivated by political differences became common in subsequent years.
E. impeachment rules were rewritten to preclude another politically motivated impeachment.

Correct Answer: B


Johnson was virtually silenced after the impeachment process; he was further weakened by the midterm election of 1866, in which the Republicans received an overwhelming mandate. The Senate failed to remove him from office by one vote (A), but he successfully ran for the Senate five years later. The Radicals in Congress implemented their plan without much interference from Johnson after 1866 (C). There has been only one other presidential impeachment after Johnson's-President Bill Clinton's in 1998 (D). There was no major rewriting of the impeachment rules after 1866 (E).

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