SAT Subject US History Practice Question 716: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 716

67. The reasons for the United States's entry into World War I included the goal of

A. destroying Germany and its people.
B. organizing a "Great Parade" for freedom.
C. protecting U.S. interests in the Far East.
D. protecting freedom of the seas.
E. retaliating for the attack on the United States by Japan.

Correct Answer: D


The announcement that Germany would resume unrestricted submarine warfare led the United States into World War I. The use of submarines impaired shipping and travel and, thus, violated the principle of freedom of the seas. The United States did not wish to destroy Germany or its people (A). Although World War I has been called the "Great Parade" (B), the involvement of the United States in this war was not motivated by a desire to participate in it. The protection of United States's interests in the Far East (C) was more relevant to World War II. The focus of World War I for the United States was in Europe. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in 1941 (E).

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