SAT Subject US History Practice Question 718: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 718

69. The 1954, Vietnam peace negotiations in Geneva provided for all of the following EXCEPT

A. elections in 1956.
B. the elimination of a French presence in Vietnam.
C. a U.S. role in the future of Vietnam.
D. the temporary division of Vietnam into North and South.
E. political power for the Communist Party in Vietnam.

Correct Answer: C


There was no mention of an official U.S. role in Vietnam in the Geneva Accords, although they initiated a new stage of U.S. imperialism in the area. The 1954 agreement removed the French as a political force in Vietnam (B), divided Vietnam (D) and scheduled elections in 1956 (A). The United States, which did not sign the Geneva Accords, helped prevent the 1956 elections from being held because the Communist leader, Ho Chi Minh, who was given control of North Vietnam, was sure to win (E).

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