SAT Subject US History Practice Question 721: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 721

72. The "Era of Good Feeling" can best be characterized as years of

A. active participation by the United States in world affairs.
B. economic growth within the United States.
C. lower tariffs on imported goods.
D. harmony over the issue of slavery.
E. political control of the government by the Federalist Party.

Correct Answer: B


The Era of Good Feeling commonly refers to the years of the Monroe Administration, 1816-1824. It was marked by economic growth and improvements in the infrastructure. Despite the appearances of "good feelings," there was no harmony on the issue of slavery (D), and controversy arose over the admission of Missouri as a slave state. Americans focused on issues within the country as opposed to the outside world, and the United States was not very involved in world affairs (A). Tariffs were not lowered during this period (C); in fact, the American System, proposed by Henry Clay, supported the idea of a raising tariff rates to encourage the development of American industry. After the Hartford Convention in 1814, the Federalists (E) steadily lost power.

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