SAT Subject US History Practice Question 725: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 725

76. Why did the Ghost Dance movement thrive among Native Americans in the 1880s?

A. Many Native Americans believed that it would protect them in conflicts with whites.
B. It became a popular tourist attraction.
C. Many Native Americans believed it would end a severe drought.
D. It was a way for a younger generation of Native Americans to resist the authority of their elders.
E. Native American culture was finally given respect and recognition in mainstream American culture.

Correct Answer: A


The ritualistic dance honoring Native American ancestors, known as the Ghost Dance, became a rallying point for Native Americans in their battles against U.S. forces. As such, the United States banned the practice. Native communities did not draw large numbers of tourists in the 19th century (B). The Ghost Dance was not a rain dance (C). There is not much evidence of youthful resistance to the leadership of elders among Native Americans before the 20th century (D). Native American culture has not received recognition or respect in mainstream American society today and certainly did not in the 19th century (E).

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