SAT Subject US History Practice Question 727: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 727

78. Henry Ford's financial success can be attributed to all of the following EXCEPT

A. using an assembly line to produce an automobile every 93 minutes.
B. reducing the price of a Model T from $850 to $300.
C. attracting workers to his work force by paying them $5 per day.
D. retaining skilled European craftsmen and mechanics at his factories to ensure quality.
E. creating efficient work processes, based on the ideas of Frederick Winslow Taylor.

Correct Answer: D


Ford's policies virtually eliminated the need for skilled craftsmen and mechanics at his factory. The most important achievement was bringing the assembly line to automobile manufacturing (A). Ford created well-built, inexpensive cars that were within the reach of most incomes (B). The "five-dollar day" (C) was, in part, an attempt to encourage people to work for Ford despite the repetitive, boring nature of the assembly line. Ford was a follower of Taylor's time-motion studies (E), designed to create an efficient manufacturing system. All of these techniques had the result of "de-skilling" the workplace.

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