SAT Subject US History Practice Question 730: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 730

81. Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry objected to the proposed Constitution in 1787 because they felt that the Constitution would

A. undermine the principles for which the Revolutionary War was fought.
B. create too much democracy.
C. support slavery.
D. support states' rights.
E. create a weak executive.

Correct Answer: A


Patrick Henry and other Anti-Federalists viewed the Constitution as a dangerous document that did not fully support the idea of popular rule. They believed that the framers of the Constitution, the Federalists, had compromised the principles for which the Revolutionary War had been fought. They feared the Constitution would restrict democracy (B), not expand it. This debate was not about slavery; in fact, Patrick Henry supported slavery (C). Henry attacked the Constitution because it took power away from the states (D) and he feared that the president might become a king (E).

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