SAT Subject US History Practice Question 732: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 732

83. Which of the following provisions would NOT be found in the various Black Codes passed after the Civil War?

A. A ban on African Americans carrying weapons
B. A prohibition on interracial marriages
C. A requirement that African Americans serve in the state National Guard units for two years
D. A requirement that African Americans attain a permit if they wished to travel
E. A ban on African Americans serving on juries

Correct Answer: C


While serving in the National Guard for two years might seem like an onerous burden, white Southerners did not want to arm the African American population of the South to protect whites. All the other provisions were part of the Black Codes. The overall effect of the Black Codes was to put African Americans in a secondary position in Southern society and to maintain the economic status quo. In fact, they tried to keep the African Americans as close to slavery as possible.

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