SAT Subject US History Practice Question 734: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 734

85. The Treaty of Paris, which concluded the Spanish-American War in 1898, contained all of the following provisions EXCEPT that

A. Spain cede Puerto Rico to the United States.
B. Spain cede the Hawaiian Islands to the United States.
C. the United States agree to pay $20 million to Spain for the Philippines.
D. Guam become a U.S. territory.
E. Cuba be granted its independence.

Correct Answer: B


The United States obtained the Hawaiian Islands in 1898, but this had nothing to do with the Spanish American War and the Treaty of Paris. All the other choices were important provisions of the treaty. Puerto Rico (A) and Guam (D) are still U.S. possessions. The Philippines (C) fought for its independence from the United States following the Spanish-American War but lost. It was granted independence in 1946, although the United States exerted influence there afterward. Cuba was granted its independence after the Spanish-American War (E) as a result of the Teller Amendment to the U.S. declaration of war.

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