SAT Subject US History Practice Question 735: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 735

86. Which of the following was a reason the Democratic Party failed to win the presidency in the 1920s?

A. Its opposition to Jim Crow laws alienated Southern voters.
B. Internal splits existed between urban moderates and rural conservatives.
C. It had opposed U.S. involvement in World War I.
D. Voters saw the party as responsible for the Great Depression.
E. Voters perceived that the party was overly friendly to big business.

Correct Answer: B


An important issue that split the rural and urban factions of the Democratic Party in the 1920s was Prohibition. The rift within the Democratic Party reflected tensions within society during the 1920s. The Democratic Party of the 1920s was not opposed to Jim Crow Laws (A). It had supported U.S. participation in World War I (C)-after all, Wilson was a Democrat. The Depression did not begin until the very end of the 1920s (D). Both parties were friendly to big business in the 1920s (E).

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