SAT Subject US History Practice Question 739: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 739

90. The New Right of the 1990s could best be described as

A. a group of conservative Democrats who sought to move their party away from its liberal agenda.
B. a liberal reaction to the conservative direction of the Democratic Party.
C. popular support for President Clinton's welfare reform policies.
D. an ultraconservative group within the Republican Party that gained control of Congress in 1994.
E. a group of Richard Nixon Republicans who opposed the impeachment of President Clinton.

Correct Answer: D


The "New Right" was a label applied to Republicans elected to Congress in 1994 who attempted to implement the conservative "Contract with America"-a program of tax cuts, congressional term limits, tougher crime laws, a balanced budget amendment, and other reforms. Newt Gingrich emerged as leader of this ultra-conservative faction of the Republican Party. Bill Clinton and other centrist Democrats (A), not the New Right, formed the Democratic Leadership Conference to move the Democratic Party away from its traditional liberal agenda. The Black Caucus in Congress and other liberal members of Congress have voiced opposition to the rightward shift of the Democratic Party under Bill Clinton (B). People of different political leanings supported Clinton's welfare reform program (C). No group of Republicans opposed the impeachment of Bill Clinton (E).

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