SAT Subject US History Practice Question 750: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 750

11. Slavery and indentured servitude in colonial America differed in that most indentured servants

A. were promised great financial compensation for their service.
B. were coerced into service.
C. received land after completion of their terms of indenture.
D. came voluntarily.
E. were considered members of their master's family.

Correct Answer: D


Indentured servants came to the New World voluntarily, agreeing, through a contract, to work a certain length of time in exchange for passage. Indentured servants (other than prisoners) were not forced to sign a contract of indenture (B). Indentured servants were not promised any financial compensation, nor did they receive any (A). In fact, some called indentured servitude "white slavery." Although indentured servants were often promised land after the completion of their contract (C), many never received any. Many indentured servants were treated harshly by their sponsors; they were seldom considered members of their master's family (E).

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