SAT Subject US History Practice Question 751: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 751

12. In addition to improving the credit of the United States, Alexander Hamilton's financial program, approved by Congress in 1791,

A. increased the power of the states.
B. strengthened the political power of the common people.
C. increased the power of the presidency.
D. created support for the success and growth of the United States.
E. decreased the political differences between the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party.

Correct Answer: D


Hamilton's efforts at funding the U.S. government and assumption of state debts from the war of independence cemented the loyalty of wealthy individuals, states, and foreign powers to the success of the United States. Hamilton was not an advocate of strong state governments (A), and his program had the effect of binding these new states to the success of the Union. He feared rule by the common people, or "mobocracy" (B), and his program did nothing to strengthen popular control. Hamilton increased the power of the central government and established the Bank of the United States, but his economic plan did not lead to an increase in the power of the presidency itself (C). Hamilton's financial program heightened, rather than diminished, differences between the two political parties (E).

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