SAT Subject US History Practice Question 752: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 752

13. Jefferson acted more like a Federalist than a Democratic-Republican when he

A. voted to establish the Bank of the United States.
B. purchased the Louisiana Territory.
C. commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory.
D. wrote the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions along with James Madison.
E. supported the idea of nullification.

Correct Answer: B


Jefferson, a Democratic-Republican and a strict constructionist in regard to constitutional issues, used the same justification for the Louisiana Purchase that Hamilton, a Federalist and loose constructionist, had used to justify the establishment of the Bank of the United States. Both relied on the "elastic clause" of the Constitution to justify their actions. The Bank of the United States (A) had been part of Hamilton's economic program; Jefferson was opposed to it. Lewis and Clark's journey (C) was not a partisan issue. The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions (D) were written in response to the Federalist-supported Alien and Sedition Acts, passed during the administration of John Adams, a Federalist. Nullification (E) was part of the Kentucky Resolution and was a strong statement of states' rights, consistent with the political philosophy of the Democratic-Republicans.

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