SAT Subject US History Practice Question 754: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 754

15. In the Platt Amendment, incorporated into Cuba's 1901 constitution, Cuba promised to do all of the following EXCEPT

A. allow the United States to intervene militarily in Cuba.
B. set aside revenue to pay off debts to the United States.
C. refrain from signing treaties detrimental to U.S. interests.
D. provide land for American bases.
E. grant the United States exclusive trading privileges in Cuba.

Correct Answer: E


The United States would not have insisted on exclusive trading rights (E) because it supported free trade. This is evident in the Open Door Notes, written the same year in regard to China. The 1901 Platt Amendment seriously compromised Cuba's independence following the Spanish-American War. All the other choices contributed to this compromise of independence.

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