SAT Subject US History Practice Question 761: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 761

22. To gain Thomas Jefferson's support for the assumption of state debts by the national government, Alexander Hamilton agreed to

A. modify his financial program.
B. the placement of the capital of the United States on the Potomac River.
C. support Jefferson's election in 1800.
D. help negotiate a peace treaty with England.
E. withdraw his support for excise taxes on goods made in the United States.

Correct Answer: B


Hamilton knew that he needed Jefferson's support to carry out his financial program, so he compromised on the location of the permanent capital, agreeing to locate it in the South on the Potomac River. Hamilton did not modify his economic program (A), including his support for excise taxes (E). He did support the candidacy of his archenemy Jefferson in the election of 1800, when that election was thrown into the House of Representatives for resolution (C), but this occurred almost a decade after he had implemented his financial program. Hamilton was pro-British, while Jefferson was more supportive of the French Revolution. Hamilton would not be conceding anything to Jefferson by working out a treaty with England (D).

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