SAT Subject US History Practice Question 762: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 762

23. The concept of "redemption" in the politics of the post-Civil War period refers to

A. a religious awakening among Northerners in regard to the evils of racism.
B. washing away the sins of the South's illegal rebellion.
C. the physical rebuilding of the infrastructure of the South following the Civil War.
D. atoning for the fraternal violence of the Civil War.
E. white Southerners retaking power in the South following Reconstruction.

Correct Answer: E


Redemption is the term Southern Democrats used to describe their return to power, with the implication that the terrible wrong of Reconstruction has finally been eradicated. The change to Democratic control signaled the end of the social programs and laws that had offered freedmen and women a degree of social equality during the Reconstruction period. The rebuilding of the South (C) is an aspect of reconstruction itself-although the term reconstruction is not restricted to the physical rebuilding of the South. Redemption, though the word has religious overtones, was a political movement; it was not a religious movement (A; B; D).

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