SAT Subject US History Practice Question 763: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 763

24. President McKinley publicly justified U.S. annexation of the Philippines on the grounds that

A. the United States had a responsibility to uplift the Filipinos.
B. a plebiscite indicated Filipino preference for U.S. rule.
C. a failure to do so would open the way for a Marxist regime.
D. the Philippines were spoils of the Spanish-American War.
E. America needed raw materials from the Philippines.

Correct Answer: A


McKinley argued that the Philippines were not ready for self-government and American control was needed to improve their situation. No vote occurred in the Philippines (B). Marxist regimes (C) became a concern for the United States later in the 20th century-especially after World War II-but not in 1898. War spoils (D) and raw materials (E) would not be justifications that McKinley would give publicly for annexation.

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