SAT Subject US History Practice Question 770: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 770

31. A provision of the charter issued by the British government for the establishment of the colony of Virginia was that

A. full rights of English citizenship would be extended to English settlers.
B. Virginia would enjoy complete autonomy under the policy of salutary neglect.
C. Virginia would choose the location of its seat of government, not England.
D. Virginia would be under the strict control of the royal governor.
E. Virginia would establish its own form of government, independent of the British crown.

Correct Answer: A


The charter issued by the British Crown for the settlement of the Virginia colony guaranteed to the colonists the rights of Englishmen. The colony was not autonomous (B). The policy of salutary neglect developed after the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Only the Massachusetts Bay Colony charter provided for a specific place for the seat of the government to be located (C). The royal governors (D) often had limited control since the colonists possessed the power of the purse; that is, they paid the salaries of the royal governors. The government in Virginia was established under the authority of the British Crown (E).

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