SAT Subject US History Practice Question 771: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 771

32. In response to colonial actions to protest British policies after the French and Indian War, the British government did all of the following EXCEPT

A. repeal the Stamp Act.
B. reaffirm its right to legislate for the colonies.
C. sign a nonimportation agreement.
D. order the quartering of troops in the colonies.
E. pass the Intolerable Acts.

Correct Answer: C


The nonimportation agreements were the colonists' reactions to the Stamp Act, not a British reaction to American protests. These agreements were signed by merchants in major ports, such as Boston and New York, who agreed that they would not buy goods from the British. The British did repeal the Stamp Act (A) in response to colonial protest. However, the British also passed the Declaratory Act of 1765 (B), which reaffirmed the right of the British to legislate for the colonies. The British quartered troops (D) in the colonies in 1765, when the Quartering Act was passed in response to colonial unrest. The Intolerable Acts (1774) (E) were passed by the British government in response to the Boston Tea Party.

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