SAT Subject US History Practice Question 772: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 772

33. Who most strongly opposed colonization of free blacks in Liberia in the 19th century?

A. Henry Clay
B. Daniel Webster
C. James Monroe
D. Marcus Garvey
E. David Walker

Correct Answer: E


David Walker was opposed to colonization. In a famous sentence often quoted in textbooks, he opposes colonization, saying he was born here and was as American as anyone and that he would fight for his freedom if denied it. Colonization was a 19th-century scheme to get rid of slavery by freeing slaves and sending them to Africa. (Not back to Africa-the people concerned were born in America for the most part.) This would reduce the black population in America and reduce the possibility of rebellion by getting rid of the "dangerous" element: free blacks. Henry Clay (A), Daniel Webster (B), and James Monroe (C) supported colonization. Marcus Garvey (D), a leader of the Back to Africa movement in the 1920s, probably would have supported colonization of Liberia too.

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