SAT Subject US History Practice Question 778: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 778

39. image

In the map of the 1968 election above, which area shows the effects of the backlash against the Civil Rights Movement?

A. K
B. L
C. G
D. H
E. I

Correct Answer: D


The 1968 election was a three-way race, with Governor George Wallace of Alabama running against Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey. After Reconstruction, the ex-Confederate states became the Solid (Democratic) South. Setting up barriers to block blacks from voting kept these states all in the Democratic column. During the Second Reconstruction, there was a backlash against Democratic-sponsored civil rights legislation. George Wallace's ("Segregation Now, Segregation Forever") victories in section H were the result of this backlash against the Democratic Party. In subsequent elections, many white Democrats in the South began to switch to the Republican Party.

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