SAT Subject US History Practice Question 779: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 779

40. The Weathermen, who were in the news in the 1960s and early 1970s, were

A. radical black nationalists who believed in power to the black people.
B. radical terrorists who opposed the Vietnam War.
C. environmental activists who opposed the pollution caused by automobiles.
D. a rock-and-roll group who were precursors to punk rock and heavy metal groups.
E. a commune that called for love and peace and living in the outdoors.

Correct Answer: B


The Weathermen were a small faction of Students for a Democratic Society that resorted to terrorism in 1969 to oppose the Vietnam War. Four of their members were killed by a bomb that exploded in a townhouse in Greenwich Village, New York City. Black nationalists (A) were the Black Panthers. The environmentalists who upset the auto industry (C) were known as Nader's Raiders, after consumer advocate Ralph Nader. They were not a rock-and-roll group (D), and they rejected the commune movement (E).

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