SAT Subject US History Practice Question 788: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 788

49. All of the following influenced the hippies of the 1960s EXCEPT

A. Gregory Corso's poetry.
B. Rachel Carson's warning about the environment.
C. Timothy Leary's ideas on drugs.
D. Allen Ginsberg's poetry and ideas.
E. Phyllis Schlafly's ideas on women.

Correct Answer: E


Phyllis Schlafly was a conservative Republican and antifeminist whose ideas were diametrically opposed to the views of hippies. Corso (A) and Ginsberg (D) were members of the Beat Generation, which was a precursor to the hippie movement. Rachel Carson (B), author of The Silent Spring, was a founder of the environmental movement. Timothy Leary (C) advocated use of the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Hippies followed these leaders and their ideas.

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