SAT Subject US History Practice Question 789: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 789

50. Which of the following was a result of George H. W. Bush's reversal of his pledge not to raise taxes?

A. The country went into severe recession.
B. He said the country had finally "kicked the Vietnam syndrome."
C. Inflation became the main problem of the 1990s.
D. He lost the support of the core of Republican loyalists.
E. He was able to finance the invasion of Panama without endangering the economy.

Correct Answer: D


Bush promised not to raise taxes during his successful campaign for president in 1988. Many attribute Bush's 1992 loss to Clinton to his reneging on this pledge, because he had lost his conservative core of support. The economy began to rebound (A). The statement about the Vietnam syndrome (B) had to do with the lack of significant domestic or congressional opposition to the Gulf War. Inflation (C) was an economic problem of the 1970s, not the 1990s. The invasion of Panama (E) did not cost enough to endanger the economy.

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